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Tex Rex: Octopus Rex Rides the Range

Shovels and Gold

“Hey, Shovels, find that gold yet?” asked Two.

“Nah,” replied Shovels, “but I know it’s out there. Sam knows it, too, don’t-cha, Sam?” Sam just twitched his ears as if to say, “Enough already; I’m too old for this.”

“How long have you been searchin’ now, Shovels — thirty-five years?” asked Hank.

“Thirty-six and three months to be exact,” stated Shovels.

“Wow, thirty-six years!” exclaimed Timmy. “Don’t you get lonely?”

“Nah, pardner, I don’t; I got Sam here and Sam’s got me.”

“What kind of animal is Sam?” Rex inquired.

“Sam can answer that himself,” declared Shovels with pride. Sam took his cue and started singing.

Song: “Sam’s Song”

My daddy’s a donkey, my mama’s a horse
So that makes me a mule, of course
I’m a little confused as to what I am
But I know my name is Sam

And all night, all day
All around you hear me bray

They say that I’m stubborn
well maybe that’s so
But if it doesn’t look safe
then I won’t go
I dig in my heels, I bray like a fool
Yeah I think stubborn’s cool…

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