Octopus Rex

Musical Stories for Children

Rex Saves Christmas

Santa Needs Help

Santa continued: “I promise I’ll get you back before morning. It’s a
clear night, except for some fog over England, but Rudolph will guide us
through that.”

“You mean it? You really want us to come with you?” asked Timmy in

“Ho ho, I absolutely mean it,” replied Santa. “I’ve never missed a
Christmas and I can’t let tonight spoil my perfect record. You and Rex
could actually save Christmas for me.”

“Oh, we will!” exclaimed Rex and Timmy jumping up and down
excitedly. Rex couldn’t wait to tell his friends how he helped Santa save

Song: “Santa’s Bag is Broken”

Santa’s bag is broken, the toys have fallen out
Santa’s going to need some help tonight without a doubt
He has so many presents for little boys and girls
He only has tonight to travel all around the world

Santa’s bag is broken, dawn is drawing near
If we don’t leave this minute, the stars will disappear
Rudolph and the reindeer are chomping at the bit
And Santa is beside himself and having quite a fit

Cuz Christmas is his time to shine
And shine is what he’ll do
Cuz he’s got Rex . . . and Timmy
To help him make it through

Santa’s bag is broken, time to jump into the sleigh
Whoever thought an octopus would help save Christmas day
I’ll tie the gifts so carefully on each and every arm
When going down the chimney no toys will come to harm

Santa’s bag is broken, but you need have no fear
Little Rex the octopus . . . is here

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