Octopus Rex

Musical Stories for Children


Palos Verdes Peninsula News

“The clever lyrics and various plays on words fully “octopies” its largely muppet audiences. This darling musical, with its menagerie of characters and animals will delight children of all ages and adults alike!”

Kids’ Comments

“I like how you made the book funny and sang the songs. I want to buy all your books!” Kyle, age 8

“Rex is my favorite book to read. I listen to the CD each night before I go to bed. My little brother tries to sing along with me!” Charlotte, age 6

“I have all your books. I think all the octopus facts are really cool!” Kevin, age 7

My favorite song in Octopus Rex at the Zoo is Wanda’s Lament. I’m glad Rex made her think she was beautiful.” Laura, age 7

Parents’ Comments

“My grandson won’t leave home without it. One day my daughter took my grandson to San Diego and she forgot to pack the Rex CDs. My grandson was so upset that my daughter called me to FedEx them overnight to them in San Diego!” Mary

“My daughter sings the songs all day long, and I mean, all day! One day in the supermarket I realized I was singing them myself; I must have learned the words by osmosis. The lyrics are educational as well as clever.” Anonymous Mother

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