Octopus Rex at the Zoo


"Oh, look, what are those?" asked Rex running ahead. He was pointing to some creatures that were moving around high in the air in a large enclosure.

Illustration of Timmy and Rex on the Path with Birds

"They're birds," answered Timmy. "Birds can fly because they have wings. This is the aviary where they're kept so they can't fly away."

"Wow!" exclaimed Rex. "Flying looks fun! What are those funny pink birds with the long, skinny legs?"

"Those are flamingos," replied Timmy. "The white birds over there are egrets, and these two over here are toucans. Toucans are cool."

The toucans overheard Timmy's comment. They were accustomed to flattery. They fluffed their feathers and batted their eyes at the boys. Timmy and Rex giggled.

Song: "We Are The Toucans"

Illustration of the Toucans

(Lola & Chula):
Ay, muchachos, haven't you heard
We are the most beautiful birds
In all of South America, sí
There are no others more pretty than we
We are the toucans, exotic toucans

Look at all our colors and hues
Brilliant yellows, emeralds and blues
Our golden beaks the boys can't resist
Can you imagine when a toucan tries to kiss
Another toucan, I'm sure that you can...