Octopus Rex at the Zoo

Gimme Five

Illustration of Rex Holding Timmy's Leg

Timmy ran over to Rex. "I seem to remember picking you up off the sand last year," he laughed, as Rex grabbed onto his hand.

"Yeah, I remember," said Rex, while he brushed the sand off his arms and wiped the water from his eyes. He looked up at Timmy. "You look taller than you were last summer."

"I am. I've grown two inches," replied Timmy proudly. "I'm the tallest boy in my class."

"I've grown too," said Rex, standing up straight. "Can you tell?"

"Uh, which way?" asked Timmy.

"My arms are longer, I think," replied Rex. "See?" Rex stretched his arms out as far as he could.

"Yeah sure," agreed Timmy, not wanting to hurt his friend's feeling. "Hey, Rex, aren't you going to give me five?"

"I'll give you five if you give me five," teased Rex. During the year Rex had shown all of his octopus friends how to high-five. They even had a secret high-five club under the ocean.

Timmy looked at Rex and grinned. "Yeah, Rex, I'll give you five!"

Illustration of High Five between Timmy and Rex

Song: "Gimme Five"

Gimme five my friend, you're back again
I've waited for this day
When we would be together
To run and laugh and play
We'll slide down a sand dune
Then climb back up again
That's what we'll do this summer
Gimme five again

Gimme five my friend, I'm back again
I've been waiting too...