Octopus Rex at the Zoo


"Hey, there're the elephants," said Timmy excitedly. "Elephants are the largest animals that live on land."

"Look at their funny arms!" giggled Rex.

Illustration of Timmy and Rex Feeding Elephants

"Those aren't arms," replied Timmy; "they're trunks. Elephants use their trunks to breathe, to pick up their food, and as a hose to spray water all over themselves."

Rex saw visitors feeding peanuts to a mama and baby elephant.

"Can I feed the elephants, too?" begged Rex. Timmy bought a bag of peanuts and placed a few on the end of Rex's number one arm. Rex held the peanuts out to the baby elephant who gladly picked them up with her small trunk. Then Rex offered some to the mama elephant, Pansy. Pansy swung her trunk over as if she were going to take the peanuts, but instead of taking the peanuts, she curled her trunk around Rex and lifted him over the fence high into the air. She started swinging him around. All the other visitors gasped in horror, but Rex thought this was really fun and squealed with delight. "Hey, Timmy, look at me!"

Song: "Look At Me"

Illustration of Rex in the Air with Elephants Below

Look at me I'm flying
I'm flying through the air
I've never felt this feeling
Cuz I have to swim everywhere

Look at me I'm soaring
I'm soaring free as a bird
If somebody told you I'm flying
You'd answer them "that is absurd"...