Octopus Rex at the Zoo


Straight ahead of them was a sign in big red letters:

Illustration of Rex on the Wall over the Crocodiles


Rex couldn't read the sign but he was curious to see what was behind it. Using his seven good arms, Rex scampered up the wall before Timmy could stop him. He leaned over to get a closer look and almost lost his balance. Timmy grabbed Rex and pulled him back. "Those are crocodiles and they're dangerous. You don't want to fall in there!"

Two crocodiles were submerged in the large pond. Only their bulging eyes were visible above the water. A third crocodile was sunning himself near the wall. He seemed to be grinning.

"Look at all those teeth!" exclaimed Rex.

The crocodile opened one eye and saw Timmy and Rex staring at him. "That's Chompers," Timmy told Rex. "He's the oldest and meanest crocodile in the zoo." Chompers didn't like that Timmy and Rex were staring at him, so he decided to frighten them a little. After all, he was a crocodile, and that's what crocodiles did best.

Song: "Chompers' Song"

Illustration of Chomper the Crocodile

Why you starin' at me boys
Have you never seen a crocodile
I bet you think I'm real friendly
But don't be fooled by my crocosmile

And don't confuse me with an alligator
A gator's tame compared to me
I'm giving you fair warning boys
I'm the mean one of the family

My skin is hard and scaly
My disposition's a little bit harsh
I'm cranky all the time because I always get up
On the wrong side of the marsh...