Octopus Rex at the Zoo

Ape Talk

Illustration of Harry Timmy and Rex Signing

Harry was sitting with his arms crossed in front of him. His dark eyes followed Timmy and Rex as they walked up to the fence. Timmy waved at Harry and started talking to him in sign language. Harry signed back.

"What are you saying?" Rex wanted to know.

"We said hi to each other, and I told him who you are and what you are," replied Timmy.

"That looks like fun," exclaimed Rex, trying to imitate Harry and Timmy. He started wiggling his arms in front of Harry, pretending to sign.

Harry, of course, didn't understand any of Rex's ridiculous motions.

"You can't do sign language with eight arms," claimed Timmy. Rex didn't care. He continued waving his arms wildly in front of Harry.

"Hey Harry, sing your special song for Rex," begged Timmy, as he signed to Harry.

Harry didn't need to be asked twice. He rose up on his big, hairy knuckles and cleared his throat. By this time lots of people had gathered around. Harry was famous for his ability to sing. No other ape in the zoo could do this. Rex stood there, wide-eyed, as Harry began to sing.

Song: "Harry Ape"

Illustration of Harry the Ape Singing

I'm a big ol' hairy ape
I'm big and hairy and strong
I was put into this zoo
So you could look at me all day long
I'm supposed to dance, I'm supposed to prance
I'm supposed to a-muse
Your every wish is my command
You know I can't refuse