The Adventures of Octopus Rex

Timmy Meets Rex

Illustration of Timmy and Rex talking on Surfboard

..."Help, help," shouted Timmy, but he was too far from shore for anyone to hear. He knew his mother must be looking everywhere for him.

Just when Timmy had given up all hope of ever getting back, he felt a gentle bump against the raft. He looked behind him but didn't see anything.

Suddenly, a large round head with two big bulging eyes popped out of the water and looked right at Timmy. Timmy's eyes grew just as big. Was this some sort of sea monster he had heard about in fairy tales?

"Wh-who are you," Timmy stammered, "and wh-what are you?"

"I'm an octopus," said the creature cheerfully.

Illustration of Rex Smiling with Orange Fish under him

"An oc-toe-puss?" asked Timmy, suddenly afraid.

"Yep. That's what I am. Have you never seen one of us before?" Timmy was too frightened to speak. He just sat there wide-eyed staring at this octopus.

"Well then," said the octopus, "let me tell you a little about myself."

Song: "Rex, Rex the Octopus"

Hello, my name is Rex, and I'm an octopus
Though I'm a spineless creature, trust me I'm no wuss
If you're my friend I will not bite, but don't dare treat me bad
I'll shoot black ink all over you, that's what I do when I get mad

I'm Rex, Rex the octopus, an octopus that's me
Rex, Rex the octopus, my home's the deep blue sea...