The Adventures of Octopus Rex

Old Mr. Cutter

Illustration of Mr. Cutter with meat cleaver

...At the end of the row old Mr. Cutter, the fishmonger, stepped out from behind his cart and yelled, "Stop, sonny boy. How much do you want for that octopus? It looks like a reeeal tasty one to me."

"He's not for sale; he's my friend." Timmy was trying to sound brave.

"Come, come, now lad, what do you want with a stupid octopus, anyway? I'll give ya fifty dollars fer that critter. Fifty dollars will buy ya a shiny new scooter."

Timmy wanted a new scooter very badly. He'd never had fifty dollars before. He looked down at Rex. Rex looked up at Timmy with tears in his eyes. Timmy knew he could never sell his new friend for anything, not even fifty dollars. That would be awful. He knew he wouldn't want to be sold for fifty dollars.

Rex began shaking with fear. He didn't want to be sold to some old fishmonger. His mother had warned him that there were dangers on land. Oh, how he wished he were back in his cozy den at the bottom of the sea.

Illustration of Rex Looking Scared and Sweating

Song: "If I'm Not Careful"

If I'm not careful I'll become dinner in some fine restaurant
Who ever thought an octopus would be something they want
There're lots of us critters in the sea
So who would miss just one
I, I would sure miss me
If I were at the bottom of somebody's tum tum
Tum tum tum tum tum...