The Adventures of Octopus Rex

Hang On Rex

"Come on," urged Maria, "we have to hurry. ¡Vámanos!"

They all rushed from the room, Maria and Timmy running and pushing the wheelchair.

Illustration of Timmy and Maria pushing Ana in the wheelchair

Rex looked like a rag doll draped over Ana's lap. He could hardly breathe. He began to mumble: "Where's the ocean? I need water. Help."

The wheelchair was rolling and bumping over the rough sidewalk. "He's starting to slide off," yelled Anna, trying to hold onto Rex with all her might. "Hurry!"

"Hang on Rex," urged Timmy, "we're almost there!"

Illustration of Rex between 2 pairs of legs looking sick - mouth open

Song: "Rex Oh Rex"

Rex oh Rex what have you done
Come back to us little friend
If you should die we surely would cry
It's too soon to be the end

Rex oh Rex don't leave us now
Hang on with all your might
Soon we will be at the edge of the sea
And everything will be all right...