Tex Rex:
Octopus Rex Rides the Range

Real Treasure

Two Clouds continued: "Even Shovels knows his real treasure is Sam, not the gold. Why, I bet Shovels would be a lot sadder if he lost Sam than he would be happy if he found the gold. Catch my drift?" Timmy and Rex nodded, not sure if they did. "What I'm saying," continued Two Clouds, "is just look in front of you. You'll be surprised at how much treasure you actually do have."

By now Rex and Timmy and the other guests had grown quiet as they thought about what Two Clouds had said. It was a wonderful way to end the day and the week. Rex and Timmy quietly high-fived each other as Hank continued playing his harmonica softly in the background.

Song: "So Long, Cowboy"

So long, cowboy
Farewell, my friend
May the trail bring us
back together again

So long, cowboy
Ol' pardner, goodbye
May the sun always shine
in your big Texas sky

Tomorrow will find us
gone our separate ways
But the friends and the memories
will last for all our days...

Illustration of Everyone Eating and Singing around the campfire