Tex Rex:
Octopus Rex Rides the Range

Illustration of Rex talking to Rattles


The animal hissed. "My name's Rattles, Rappin' Rattles. I'm a rattlesnake, and you should be afraid of me . . . very afraid."

"Why?" asked Rex thinking Rappin' Rattles looked more silly than dangerous.

"Because I might bite you, and that would be the end of you. My venom is very poisonous." Rattles shook his rattle even faster and flicked his tongue.

Song: "Rattles' Rap"

Illustration of Rattles Singing

(Rappin' Rattles)
Let me tell you something sonny
you don't wanna mess with me
I'm a big ol' rattlesnake as you can plainly see
These diamonds on my back
ain't here just for fun
They're to say of all the rattlers
I'm the baddest one
Yeah, I'm the baddest one. . . ssssss

I live out here in the desert
all across the southwest
When I'm on the prowl at night
is when I'm at my very best
I like to eat little critters
like lizards, rats, and mice
I strike hard and fast
I'm not very nice
No I'm not very nice. . . ssssss...