Tex Rex:
Octopus Rex Rides the Range

Cowboy Rex

Illustration of Rex on bucking horse

The riders rode in single file behind Hank and Two Clouds. As they turned onto the trail, a rabbit ran out of the bushes and spooked Stubby. Stubby started bucking wildly. Rex flew up in the air and landed backwards in the saddle. Three of his boots flew off and his hat fell over his eyes.

"Ride 'em cowboy!" shouted the guests. "Hee Haw!" hooted another.

Two Clouds grabbed Stubby's reins and managed to calm the frightened horse. Hank scooped up the three boots and put them back on Rex, then turned him around in the saddle. To keep from laughing out loud, Hank started singing. One by one the guests joined in, except Rex, who sat there dazed, clinging to the saddle horn.

Song: "Ridin' the Range"

Illustration of Timmy and Hank on Horses

(Hank & guests)
I got spurs that jingle, I got spurs that jangle
I got spurs, hee haw, when I go to wrangle
Got my horse so faithful, boots that shine
Ridin' the range makes me feel so fine

Ridin' the range, ridin' the range
Ridin' the range is the life for me
Even if I could change
I never ever would change
Ridin' the range is where I want to be...