Tex Rex:
Octopus Rex Rides the Range

Blue Western Shirt

Illustration of Rex on top of bunk bed and Timmy holding a pillow

Rex and Timmy ran ahead to their cabin. They had their own separate room with bunk beds. "I get the one on top," claimed Rex as he scampered up the ladder.

"OK," agreed Timmy, "but don't wake me up if you have to jump in the bucket during the night."

Timmy's parents came in with the luggage, and everyone unpacked.

Timmy put on his blue western shirt and boots. Then Timmy and his dad helped Rex put on his yellow vest and bandana and the three pairs of cowboy boots they had bought for him in Florida. The boots felt strange to Rex, and he could barely keep his balance.

"Well, look at you two," admired Timmy's dad. "You're cowboys after all." Timmy and Rex high-fived each other.

Song: "I'm Just a Cowboy After All"

I like ridin', I like ropin'
I love campin' in the open
I like roundin' up the cattle in the fall
Underneath my brand new Stetson
I'm one hundred percent western
I'm just a cowboy after all

Illustration of Rex and Timmy with hands at side and Cowboy Hats on

Got my boots 'n' got my vest
And I bet in all the west
I'm the only octopus that has a drawl
Even though I'm from the ocean
I kinda like the notion
I'm just a cowboy after all