Barbara Hart

Photo of Barbara Hart

Barbara Hart has been writing songs most of her life. She and her co-writers in Nashville received a Grammy nomination for Little Sleepy Eyes, a collection of lullabies. She was twice nominated for an Emmy as a writer for the TV game show Jeopardy!

The idea for Octopus Rex was inspired by a billboard she saw for The Aquarium of the Pacific as she was driving down Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles. The billboard featured, yes, an octopus, and the name Rex just seemed to fit. The series will soon include a fourth book-- Octopus Rex Saves Christmas, coming out in 2018. A theatrical production of The Adventures of Octopus Rex is in the making.

Her creative credits also include a country musical, The Rose Bowl Queens, which she wrote and produced with Cheryl Gimbel.

Barbara earned her BA degree in International Relations at Ohio State University, and her Master of Arts degree in Spanish Literature from the University of Cincinnati. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

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