Barbara Hart

Photo of Barbara Hart

Barbara has been writing songs for most of her life. As an admitted "wordaholic," lyrics rule! While living in Nashville, she and the other writers received a Grammy nomination for Little Sleepy Eyes, a collection of lullabies.

Barbara was twice nominated for an Emmy, creating clever questions, or answers, for the game show Jeopardy! She said she found her niche with Rex and friends, and plans several sequels.

There has been no shortage of inspiration for Rex's journeys. Having worked on a dude ranch in Colorado during her college summers, Hart confesses that Tex Rex is closest to her heart with its songs and setting.

Barbara lives in Palos Verdes, California, and recently produced a non-octopus musical, The Rose Bowl Queens with Cheryl Gimbel. Click here to learn more: When not burning the midnight oil with her creative endeavors, Barbara spends her days working as a Career Placement Specialist at First Call Staffing in Torrance.

Watch for Octopus Rex, the Musical, debuting 2011!

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